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Behind spacetime curvature

Abstract : A personal vision of the universe, resulting from an unbridled investigation at life and the two infinities crossroad. This book offers an imaginary but coherent and possible explanation of the origin of water, living species and the universe. It deals with energy, life, food chain, spacetime quanta or “spacetime bubbles”, quantum gravity, dark energy, dark matter, antimatter, black holes, general relativity, Higgs bosons, unified universe, fractals, chaos, theory of everything and Big Bang.

Imagination is more important than knowledge for knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” (Albert Einstein)

Life and water sciences can enlighten our knowledge on the universe in an original and constructive way. They indeed suggest a new spacetime paradigm able to join quantum physics with general relativity, infinitely small with infinitely large, and the three non-gravitational forces with gravitation. In other words, they suggest a theory of everything, which is not surprising since life is inherent in the universe.

Thanks to this new spacetime paradigm, we can define a global and coherent vision of the universe :
Spacetime is a chaotic stack of infinitesimal and ephemeral energy quanta called “spacetime bubbles”. These spacetime quanta and their elementary preparticles contents are constantly synthetized in a primordial soup of interdependent, ephemeral and undetectable energy flows strands ; this soup is common to all universes. Spacetime bubbles are the key that unites general relativity with quantum physics as well as the three non-gravitational fundamental forces with gravitation. Energy bubbles spacetime is the universe energy skeleton and the quantum vacuum whose fluctuations are the first link in the food chain. It behaves like a relativistic ether, producing virtual elementary particles clouds which in turn gives an inertial and gravitational mass to matter and allows light propagation. By feeding on spacetime energy, matter actually makes it disappear. Gravitation is only a passive dynamism of the infinitesimal holes that matter thus produces in spacetime, relativistic curvature of it being only a geometric interpretation of the following bubbles flows : matter doesn’t actually curve spacetime, but eats it ! Antimatter has only apparently disappeared : it’s in fact the key to the transferring energy process from spacetime to matter. Ultimately, energy quanta spacetime explains in a fractal way the properties of the universe and the universe itself.

Energy bubbles spacetime thus allows us to imagine a fascinating fresco of the unitary and unified universe. If you are not afraid to lose the ground beneath your feet, discover it following me behind spacetime curvature :

Book published in 2020 by Librinova (© Anne Spiteri 2020, ISBN numérique 979-10-262-5242-9)

>>> BEHIND SPACETIME CURVATURE, the downloadable whole book, with the latest updates, in PDF format (91 pages – 1,121 KB).

>>> BEHIND SPACETIME CURVATURE, the book with the latest updates, to read online, chapter by chapter (see links below) :

> Preamble

> The dream
A big decisive dream

> The universe foundations
We need a new spacetime
Shape, information and energy
Undifferentiated and infinite energy
Spacetime quanta

> Infinitesimal spacetime
Molecular biology to the rescue
Two contradictory double flows in a bubble
Bubbles fission
Bubbles fusion
Bubbles multiplication

> Macroscopic spacetime
A more or less dense stack
Stack of bubbles or quantum vacuum ?

> Spacetime and matter
Quantum phenomena
A large food chain
Bubbles, bosons, fermions and antifermions
Energy transfer from bubbles to matter
Two kinds of masses

> Spacetime and gravitation
A passive bubbles dynamism
Matter engender dark matter
Relativistic curvature or bubble flows ?
The gravitation effects

> A unitary and relativistic ether
Einstein's mollusk or lentil dish ?
A unitary ether
A relativistic ether
A great energy cycle
A quantum leap in general relativity
No singularity or catastrophe

> Life and death of universes
The first bubble and Tchaikovsky
Inflation and elementary particles
Real matter and virtual antimatter
Outer space vacuum or dark matter
Spacetime bubbles black holes
A titan’s competition

> A hopeful spacetime
The unification price
Higgs bosons or spacetime bubbles ?

> Epilogue

English translation of « Derrière les courbures de l’espace-temps : le livre » du 11 avril 2020

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